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2nd Meeting of the Operational Agility Forum – Feb 2010, BT Tower, London

The second forum meeting was hosted by Dave Hudson of BT at the iconic BT Tower in London. The focus of the meeting was on how to go about the job of creating a Business Led Computing, Operational Agility capability in the forum members organisations. The forum advisory board members felt, regardless of their industry or role, that this approach is needed to decrease costs, improve service and increase efficiency and speed of response to business opportunities and business challenges. The forum discussion was centred on how to get IT engaged with the process, and what an “Agility Team” would look like and how it would operate.

In order to roll out an “agility program”, all stakeholders need to be involved as early as possible and confidence needs to be built across the team to prove security, data integrity, scalability, auditability, and governance etc.  For example, IT will have valid concerns over the methodology being used, whether there is overlap with core IT programmes, the impact on existing core systems, and how this initiative fits with existing change control procedures. Equally, those responsible for audit and governance may also have requirements relating to procedural compliance and any relevant regulatory demands.

The second meeting of the forum explored what other stakeholders may gain from Business Led Computing to balance the freedoms and responsibilities required to delegate control.  For example, for IT the benefits would include – non-intrusive system integration, no new data would be created, improved data quality for existing data, less helpdesk calls, reduced pressure on batch windows, improved process consistency, and transparency in systems support.

 It was acknowledged that, whilst the technical solution can facilitate the benefits, a major determinant of the success of any program is based on how effectively it is deployed and managed.  The third meeting of the forum will focus on best practice approach to roll-out to account for the organisation’s culture and internal relationships, as well as technology and processes.

The full meeting notes are available to forum members.

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