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First Meeting of the Operational Agility Forum Special Interest Group – How low can operational costs go?

Led by Richard Jones – Advisory Board Member – Operational Agility Forum – London, 18th August 2010.

The forum has a number of special interest groups which meet to discuss specific issues relating to Operational Agility. The special interest groups are invitation only but the findings of the meetings will be published – please visit to become a member of the forum and register your interest in future meetings. 

The work group met to look at the particular opportunity of increasing operational efficiency, reducing costs and improving service through the deployment of Business Led Computing initiatives. The meeting discussed what incremental, continual improvement programs could be deployed using self-service business user oriented process automation technology and what potential benefits and issues this would represent to the organisation.The meeting discussed many aspects of operational cost reduction including the “5 steps” for reducing operational costs. Operational cost reduction is a continuum which should focus on delivering a right first time customer experience, reducing errors and reducing costs through automating repetitive and un-skilled tasks. Off-shoring is not necessarily the answer as we should continually look for rules based approaches to dealing with tasks and allow qualified staff to handle more complex exceptions.

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