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Exploring ways to build operational agility into business

Our remit is to gather together thought leaders from across multiple industries, covering both business and IT functions, to examine and discuss ways to embed operational agility into key business operations.

The forum’s key findings to date are:

  • Most businesses do not have the means to react quickly to change, other than hiring more people or diverting key resource
  • IT programs deliver excellent long term benefits but are not always able to fully support rapid and agile responses to immediate business issues
  • A new approach – “Business Led Computing” – is needed to empower business operations with the ability to implement their own rapid change initiatives working in partnership with the IT function

Contact us if you would like to find out more about the forum, it’s activities and to request to join the forum and contribute to the debate.

Advisory board member companies include:

Barclays npower BT The Co-Operative